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Meet the Owner
Mary Briones

Hi! Welcome to WiselyWelded, I am so glad you're here!
I am a new mama to a sweet baby girl, an office manager at a medical practice, and a wife to my amazing husband, you may be wondering... why start a business? That is the million-dollar question. I needed something that would help pay for childcare for my little one and then a way for mama to get a little bit of a break and adult conversation. I had no idea how much I would LOVE doing permanent jewelry and meeting all of you guys! My favorite part of welding is YOU! I love being able to connect and be part of your unique story. WiselyWelded has completely stolen my heart and became my second baby. I am expanding by adding amazing people to our team of welders and can't wait to meet each of yall and get you welded! 


Meet The Welders

Meet Kendall

Meet Kendall

I’ve been with WiselyWelded since the beginning and have never turned back. One because Mary is my best friend but also because I genuinely love getting to meet yall and weld some beautiful jewelry! Each event is so unique in its own way. I think something that sets WiselyWelded apart from other permanent jewelry companies is how personable and friendly everyone with WiselyWelded is. I personally have 6 pieces of permanent jewelry.

I can’t wait to meet you!


Meet Stephanie

I’m Stephanie and to say that the obsession is real… would be an understatement. I met Mary at a pop-up event at FleaStyle in Frisco and got matching bracelets with my best friend. Mary had mentioned that she may be looking to hire another welder and would be willing to train. So here I am with three bracelets and an anklet (the necklace is next)!! I’m so excited to get y’all welded and you can see for yourself how amazing WiselyWelded is.


Meet Brianna

I'm Brianna, I started just trying to support my friend and her new business. Little did I know I would end up at all of Mary’s events either adding to my collection of permanent jewelry or bringing a friend to get one. Now I’m hooked! I feel that everyone at WiselyWelded takes pride in what they do and it is so important the clients leave us and are happy with their experience. Enough to share with their friends and family. Permanent jewelry can be somewhat addicting so I look forward to getting you welded.





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