1. Can I change my mind?  No, all sales are final once we have measure and cut the jewelry specifically for you.
  2. What are the chains made of? We offer two chains you can choose from currently. Once is gold-filled and the other is sterling silver. These chains are also nickel and lead free.
  3. What if I have to cut the link or it gets snagged and pops off? With every piece purchased we offer one complimentary reattachment on us. Make sure to save the piece of jewelry! After the complimentary reattachment, there would be a $15 fee to reattach the jewelry. 
  4.  If it's permanent does that mean forever? No! The jewelry can always be removed with scissors if you decided to take it off. This also means the jewelry isn't invincible and solely depends on everyday life. Please be careful with your jewelry!
  5. Want to host a private party? Permanent jewelry is such a fun idea for parties. Girls or guys night in, back to school sleepovers, bachelorette parties, etc. The minimum is 10 guests, and the host will receive a 20% discount off any items they purchase! 
  6. What about kids? Children can absolutely get a piece of jewelry with a parent present, and pricing is the same regardless of age. 
  7. What is the price? The price ranges from $50-$100.





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